Marvel House
Digital Marketing

Social Media Management

  • Planning

  • Strategizing

  • Implementing

Online Distribution & Optimization

Web Development

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Content & Distribution

Content Management

OTA Management

  • New OTA Listings


Revenue Management

Pricing Strategy

Forecasting or Budgeting

Yield Management

Finance & Analytics

Financial Audits

Risk Management

Feasible Study

Budgeting, Pricing & Forecasting

Tech Support

Tech Setup

  • Channel Manager

  • PMS

  • Booking engine

Tech Implementation

Online Setup

  • Pricing

  • Audit

  • Coding

  • Mapping

Other Services

MEP Consulting

QC and Standardization/Setting of SOPs

Branding & Strategy Planning

Brand Development

Reputation Management

Corporate Legal Services

Sourcing of Location & Finance Options

Sales & Marketing

Operational Training


  • Audits

  • Consultation

Global Market Representation


Treeline Courtyard.jpg
Brand videos and interviews are a great way allowing the potential guests to take a sneak peak of the hotel...
Or allow your potential guests to catch a glimpse of your property with an interactive 3D-tour
Have a look at more 360° room-tours here


And experience expert consultation