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Executive Interviews: The Story behind the business of Mario Stubbs
by The Entrepreneur

Read here an interesting article by The Entrepreneur about Genesis' founder, Mario Stubbs, and the story and experiences which stand behind his consulting business idea...

Negete, STAAH hosts Tourism Seminar
by Daily News

Daily News reports about Genesis' CEO supporting the tourism seminar at Marino Beach hotel...

Video interview with Mario Stubbs
by Hi!!

Mario answering Ask Me's for Hi!!

Crisis-ridden Sri Lanka tourism aims to regain momentum
by Skift

A gripping article published by Skift, assessing Sri Lanka's recovery in tourism after the Easter Attacks. Mario Stubbs gives advice in an interview...

KK Collection: Marketing Sri Lanka as a holiday destination to Australians
by FT News

An interview with Mario Stubbs and one of our clients, KK Collection's founder George Cooper, about pushing marketing in the Australian target market...

Video interview with Mario Stubbs
by The Entrepreneur

Over the years, Genesis Global Consulting Group has been featured in a number of interesting interviews and articles.

With this collection we want to give a better idea of who Genesis is, what we do and how we have evolved over the years.

Get an insight of what stands behind Genesis Global Consulting Group, and it's success story, in an interview with The Entrepreneur...

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